Lap Dog Challenge 2022

Striding into December, it was time for the annual Lap Dog Challenge 2022 fundraising run in Hong Kong. Raising funds for The Lighthouse Club Hong Kong Benevolent Fund (HKBF) (90%) and 10% to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, for the seventh consecutive year, we have two teams of 10 runners to participate in the charity run on 10 December at the Stanley Ho Sports Institute’s athletic track at Sandy Bay.

This year, 13 teams – 63 runners from 11 industry-leading companies including us participated in the challenge. The runners attempted to complete as many laps of a 400m running track as they could within five hours, which would directly influence the amount of funds to be raised.

Breaking records of the past few years, our TCG Teams completed an amazing 965 laps and a combined distance of 386km, contributing funds amounting to HK$232,000. Our Lawrence Chau was the 3rd runner in the male group and TCG Team 1 was 2nd team up in the Team performance.

We special thank you to all runners and supporters for this charity event.


Team 1

Lawrence Chau 134 Laps

Roy Chan 125 laps

William Ho 120 laps

Eric Wong 117 laps

Nick Li 95 laps


Team 2

Victor Wong 90 Laps

Ronald Lai 71 laps

Albert Chan 71 laps

Tim Threlkeld 70 laps

Kenneth Harvey 70 laps