TCG(ISG) talks tech innovation in Hong Kong

On an exclusive invitation by a consultancy firm, ISG’s managing director of North Asia, Tim Threlkeld took the stage at the firm’s annual leadership conference, to deliver a TED-inspired presentation about ISG’s latest technology innovations around the world.

Held at Cordis Hotel in May 2019, the leadership conference gathered 30 of its business leaders, across its global operations. In a 45-minute presentation, Tim shared the latest tech-led trends in the construction industry, and how ISG is making great progress in adopting some of these technologies across its project sites and workplace environment.

Providing an example, Tim shared: “We are prototyping an automated personal protective equipment (PPE) detector on construction sites, which is a great technology to facilitate visual detection of PPE compliance on site. With such a smart system positioned at entry points of our sites, our operatives and visitors will need to ensure 100% compliance on PPE required.”

Tim added that ISG is currently trialling digital site noticeboards and safety alerts as the first phase of ISG’s tech incubator programme this year. Also stationed at the site’s entry point, the noticeboard will provide targeted and relevant content on the project site, with multi-language capability to help overcome language barriers for the workforce. With mobile application to alert the workforce, operatives will be informed on site updates and safety hazards, informed effectively and instantly through the mobile application.

“Locally in Hong Kong, we are at the forefront of the construction industry as an alteration and addition (A&A) and fit out company, in deploying Building Information Technology (BIM) and a construction app for our projects since last year. These developments have proven to help us enhance our offer as business, and significantly improve our team’s performance and efficiency when delivering projects.”

Speaking about the trend of BIM application in design, Tim said: “The demand and adoption of BIM or 3D modelling are advancing in an increasing pace within our local marketplace, as these tools help facilitate informed decisions in the design and construction process.”

Tim shared that beyond this, ISG’s BIM department is also introducing augmented reality technology on some project sites in Europe, to assess the risk implications of structural or design alterations on site, optimising the delivery process while eliminating costs arising from poor design and flawed delivery.

“ISG’s tech incubator team are actively prototyping cutting-edge technologies for our projects, including artificial intelligence, 3D printing and prototyping, and real-time site inspection using video. The technologies will be rolled out in Asia if the trials go well.”

Concluding the presentation, Tim posed a compelling question to the audience in the room: “If we don’t lead the industry, who will?”