What We Do

Pre-Construction & Enabling

You should feel certainty of successful delivery from the moment you start a building project. TCG engages early and effectively with project teams, assessing viability, inputting on design, and influencing technology. This highly collaborative and consultative approach paves the way for a smooth and efficient design and delivery process and successful mission activation. Most importantly, it leads to an uncompromised outcome.

Fit Out

From major commercial fit out to large-scale global retail rollout programmes, from aftercare works to ATM installations, we deliver environments which are vital to our customers’ business operations and their evolving industry.

Alteration & Additions

We have a strong track record of construction and engineering projects in Hong Kong, from single-storey construction to large-scale schemes including mixed-use development, multi-storey tenancy as well as iconic retail and hospitality destinations.

Building Service

Great technology is no longer an afterthought. We believe all work environments are technology environments.


Sometimes buildings just need a refresh instead of a rebuild. Our team of experts can take rundown buildings with complex external refurbishments, and transform them into modern, vibrant and smart spaces. This has allowed our customers to bring life to new buildings, and in effect, a brand new building back to the market. Reenergising façades can not only completely transform a building’s fortunes, it can also significantly improve energy efficiency and whole-life costs.