To provide a structured and strategic plan for achieving ESG targets for promoting ESG and guiding decision-making, we developed its sustainability mission and a sustainable development roadmap, which includes supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UNSDGs”) and ESG target-setting.

Sustainability Mission

The sustainability mission reflects the three focus areas of the Company’s ESG development: Environmental, People, and Value Chain. By setting the sustainability mission, the Company aims to establish clear targets that drive efforts towards achieving ESG development.

To drive positive change and impact, enhance transparency and gain a competitive edge, the Company engaged and independent consultant to review its ESG performance in the past five years and established ESG targets during the reporting year, which echo UNSDG’s, with the aim to provide clearer and more transparent progress in pursuing sustainability to stakeholders.

To support the Hong Kong Climate Action Plan 2030+ and carbon neutrality target by 2050, the Company defined the time-bound as follows for our ESG targets. This ESG Report focuses on the disclosure of the short-term targets, both quantitative and qualitative targets covering all three focus areas including the Environmental, People and Value Chain of the Company’s sustainable development, since it will take a period for the Company to further monitor and track the progress and efforts made to achieve the targets for developing mid-term and long-term targets.

Sustainability Development Roadmap and Respond to UNSDGs

The short-term sustainable development roadmap the includes the short-term targets and actions have been approved by the Company’s senior management and we committed to monitoring and disclosing the progress toward achieving the ESG targets regularly.

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, building owners and occupiers are under pressure to realise ambitious eco-friendly commitments – without breaking the bank. It’s a challenge that will endure for generations to come.

In the ever-evolving landscapes of regulation and technology, understanding the wider impact of our work is paramount. Working with a partner that understands these touchpoints releases the pressure valve, providing the confidence required to meet green commitments to our planet and communities.

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