TCG(ISG) in Hong Kong commits to “Choose Safe. Choose Health.”

ISG has recently launched its new health and safety programme, ‘Choose Safe. Choose Health.’, which aims to harness the collective power of everyday choices, reminding its employees of how they affect not only the safety of individuals, but also their physical and mental health.

Following the launch campaign, ISG in Hong Kong hosted its annual health and safety charter workshop at Montery Plaza, Kwun Tong with the objective to promote the latest industry-leading health and safety practice across the workplace and construction sites.

ISG’s managing director in North Asia, Tim Threlkeld started his opening speech: “We have been highly conscious of occupational health and safety throughout the years, with a particular target of achieving zero accident at construction sites. The new ‘Choose Safe. Choose Health.’ programme takes us to the next level, that puts us in the driving seat in pioneering health and safety beyond construction sites and workplace environments, that includes physical and mental health of our employees.”

Echoing this new focus on the well-being of ISG’s employees, counselling director from Quality Health Care was invited to deliver a speech about positive mental wellness to over 60 ISG employees who were present that day. He shared the tips of positive thinking and how to make oneself happy, followed with a live demonstration of a stress relief exercise.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for the business to review the achievements and areas for improvements in terms of health and safety. HSQE manager, Tony Kwok reported: “We have been doing well in upholding high standards of safety requirements across our sites, that currently stands at zero fatal and serious accident rate; zero safety prosecution, suspension notice and improvement notice issued by the government departments in the past year.”

The safety standards by ISG’s project and health and safety teams were highly recognised by its customers, stakeholders and government departments. Nine employees were also awarded “ISG Supervisor – Best Safety Performance” awards in recognition of their great efforts in maintaining high safety standard on sites.

Also part of the event, a mini exhibition and demonstrations of safe and unsafe equipment was another highlight. Led by the project directors, these provided examples of unqualified or broken equipment to educate employees on the unsafe circumstances and prevent safety hazard on site.

Apart from this, the business also organised a demonstration on how to operate an automated external defibrillator (AED) in the event of emergency; along with a fun group exercise, ‘Ba Duan Jin Qigong’ which is a form of qigong exercise locally, known to improve cardiovascular functions.

Through the workshop, employees were provided an overview of ISG’s safety performance and practices that influence their everyday choices. With the new approach that includes caring for people’s physical and mental health would help further differentiate the business as an employer and service provider in the construction industry.