TCG(ISG) never stops running for charity

Striding into November, it was time for the annual Lap Dog Challenge 2020 fundraising run in Hong Kong. Raising funds for The Lighthouse Club Hong Kong Benevolent Fund (HKBF) for the fifth consecutive year, ISG in Hong Kong and Commtech Asia partnered up with two teams of five runners to participate in the charity run on 7 November at the Stanley Ho Sports Institute’s athletic track at Sandy Bay.

Raising money for people and families working in the Hong Kong construction industry who require financial assistance as a result of injury or illness, runners had to complete as many laps of a 400m athletics track as they could within a gruelling five hour timeframe.

This year, eight teams, totalling 40 runners from industry leaders completed the formidable challenge. Kudos to all runners – results reached a record high as teams completed 3,562 laps in total and raised over HK$1.4m for HKBF.

Breaking records of the past few years, Team ISG-Commtech completed an amazing 812 laps and a combined distance of 325km, contributing funds amounting to HK$158,000.

Tim Threlkeld, managing director of ISG in Hong Kong, said: “This year, with many challenges all round we proudly completed the Move for Charity 2020 challenge in October as a prelude to the Lap Dog Challenge 2020, expanding the source of funds for HKBF.”

“The event also reminded us to stay positive and the importance to give something back to the community even during the hard times we are experiencing due to COVID-19. A very big thank you to all our sponsors, supporters and participants for making this year’s event happen. Already looking forward to next year’s event.”