Focus on Developing, Next Generation, to Welcome our New World

We truly believe that it is very important to attract and develop future talent.  We have been organizing our Summer Internship Programme that provides students with an opportunity to experience the Construction industry since 2018. This is an intensive journey for our summer intern explore our exquisite projects through the well-structured programme, On the Job Training, Site Visit, Project Assignment, Executive Shadowing.

According to the valuable experience with our summer interns in past few years, young talents were so excited to have a close contact with our construction professionals and know further about our Fit-Out / A&A projects.  On the other hand, they also bring us new skills, creative idea, passion, and energy to rejuvenate our Teamwork.

This year, we have very positive feedback when launching the programme. After 2 rounds of interview, 3 nos of intern have been selected. They will work one to one with our dedicated supervisor (our two project directors) in coming two months on different stages of project lifecycle, rotate across different specialist areas to apply theoretical concepts from the classroom to the realities of the construction site.

Welcome our Summer Intern (2022), we look forward to working with you for our sustainable development.