Hong Kong Dragon Boat Short Course Races – Men’s Small Boat Gold Plate

On June 30th, we at TCG had the privilege of participating in the exhilarating Hong Kong Dragon Boat Short Course Races – Men’s Small Boat Gold Plate at Stanley Bay. This event was not just a competition, but a celebration of our core values: Teamwork, Creativity, and Grit.

The day was filled with anticipation and excitement as we prepared to paddle in unison, embodying the spirit of teamwork that is at the heart of TCG. As our boat cut through the water, we could feel the unity and camaraderie that define us as a team.

We are proud to announce that we secured the runner-up position in the competition. This achievement is a testament to our collective effort and determination. It was not an easy feat, but our unwavering grit and resilience saw us through.

Participating in the Dragon Boat competition was a unique experience that allowed us to showcase our creativity. Each stroke of the paddle was a stroke of innovation, pushing us forward against the tide. It was a vivid display of our ability to think outside the box and adapt to the rhythm of the challenge.

But beyond the competition, this event served as a team-building exercise. It brought us closer together, strengthening our bonds and fostering a deeper understanding among team members. We cheered each other on, shared laughs, and created memories that will last a lifetime.

As we reflect on this experience, we are reminded of the importance of our core values. Teamwork is the backbone of our success, Creativity is the engine that drives us forward, and Grit is the fuel that keeps us going, no matter the odds.

We look forward to participating in more such events in the future, continuing to grow as a team, and making TCG proud.

Remember, every challenge we face is an opportunity for growth. Here’s to many more!